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I took Mrs. Pratt's CDA class twice.  She is a awesome teacher and we would ask her to sing us a song.  Beautiful voice!  Everything we needed for daycare business, it was taught in her classroom.  She is full of knowledge and experience.  I would recommend her expertise to anyone who is in the childcare business or thinking about going into the business.  Her personality will draw you in and keep you laughing.  Thank you Mrs. Pratt for being the awesome person that you are.

Pastor DeArmond
This testimonial is on behalf of Ms. Gillian Pratt.  I cannot speak highly enough of this lovely human being.  I was lucky enough to be included in one of her in-service classes at a previous childcare center I worked for, years ago.  Upon having her as an instructor, she quickly became one that we as teachers would request come back again and again, year after year.  Always prepared, knowledgeable, engaging and full of life as she easily proceeded through whatever class she was teaching, we as her students were never bored looking at our watches and phones waiting to be done!  Even after I left said center, I never lost touch with MS. Gillian.  She kept up with my career, asking how my endeavors were going.  She even gave me incredible mentoring advice when I made the exciting yet scary decision to open up my very own in-home program!  I could have never felt the confidence, I now know that I needed to move forward, if it were not for her.  She has been instrumental with my growth as a childcare provider, business owner, and possibly more importantly a confident woman!  Ms. Gillian, I know, can conquer anything she sets her mind to, and will leave an ocean of grateful individuals as she navigates any challenges she may face!!

Elizabeth Bronaugh
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